Bacon Cheeseburger with a Krispy Kreme Bun

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I love the show, Man vs. Food.  I love Adam Richman, I love watching whatever wacky food battles he gets in to (15 dozen oysters in an hour!  six of the hottest chicken wings on the planet in 20 minutes!), I love when he visits Mom & Pop places with awesome food.  Why?  Because I go to the same types of places.  I wouldn’t take on a food challenge like him, but I know a couple dudes who would. 

A month or so ago, Adam was doing kind of a “Best Of” episode and featured a restaurant (or was it ballpark?  I can’t remember) that served bacon cheeseburgers with Krispy Kreme Original Glazed donuts as the bun.  I posted about this on Facebook and got tons of responses from friends about this, ranging from the approvals to the disapprovals.  When it came time for Matt to choose his Friday Night dish, he chose these burgers.  And following our fattening dinner?  The latest Freddy Kreuger movie (Jackie Earle Haley’s just damn creepy). 

I bought all the ingredients and Matt and I “strategerized” how to go about cooking.  We decided to help with the fat content and grill the burgers and the bacon.  We tried the bacon and it just took way too long, so we nuked it.  I cooked a whole pound, just in case the boys wanted to clog their arteries more.  I bought 2 1/4 lbs. of lean ground beef, which Matt split into four patties.  HUGE, thick patties.  Matt put them on the grill where I brushed each side down with clarified butter.  When the burgers were done to everyone’s liking (for example, Dan prefers medium-rare, and by God it better be medium-rare), Matt brought them in to the house.  I had cut the donuts in the kitchen, cut side brushed with the clarified butter, and was grilling them on the griddle pan that’s been in our family for a good 70 years. (I love having functioning cookware that’s decades old.  I intend on passing my by-then-well-seasoned cast iron skillet to my kids or grandkids someday.) 

Matt topped the donut bun with the burger, we put a slice of cheddar on top, bacon on top of the cheese and then other half of the donut on top, cut side up.  Like so… 

On the griddle. The plain bun is for Mom


With the bun on top...


And then we plated… 

ready to be devoured


The side that I chose to ease up on adding more calories & fat was simply a salad of mixed greens, from a bag.  No need to get all fancy, most of the attention was going to the burgers anyway.  The boys dug in with their hands, I ate mine with a fork and knife.  And you’ll see why I decided to be a lady and eat with utensils in a second.  But look at it!  It’s fat and dairy and pork and beef and sugar.  All in one bite.  Amazing. 

It was delicious.  I wish I could say it was disgusting, but it really wasn’t.  We used Sargento Sharp Cheddar, Oscar Mayer Hickory Smoked bacon, the leanest ground beef, and Krispy Kremes that were made the day before (I wanted them a little stale so they wouldn’t fall completely apart).  It was sweet and salty.  The taste it reminded me of immediately was that of Pig Candy*, which is basically brown-sugar coated bacon.  The donut with the burger was a really unusual combination but it simply worked.  Even writing about this a week later my heart still pounds from the onslaught of fat my system endured that evening.  Tasty, yes.  Unhealthy, definitely.  Would I do it again?  Absolutely.  But  this is something to have on special occasions, like Matt’s birthday (June 9, and apparently we’ll be celebrating with Dropkick Murphys at The National!), or Dan’s birthday (November 26th!), or some other Dude Holiday

The boys enjoyed the burger very much.  So much so that Matt ended up with a grease stain on his GAP khakis.  He swears it looks like the face of Jesus.  I now have dubbed these pants the Khakis of Turin. 

The Face of The Lord....does this mean Matt's crotch is holy?


Bon Appetit, y’all! 

*Pig Candy is a recipe from The Sweet Potato Queens’ Book of Love, by Jill Connor Browne.  The book has a great message of basically having as much fun out of life as possible and making your own fun in a not-so-hot situation.  Also has tons of recipes, one of which I make often, called Chocolate Stuff.  Anyway, the first couple books are great and hilarious, worth the read.


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