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Woo!  Look at the time!  It’s April 22 (Happy Earth Day, people!), and my last post was three weeks ago.  Yeah, total slacker.  But lookit, it’s spring and I have been out enjoying it.  Except this week.  This week I’ve had the chance to have four days off, and I have been a completely lazy girl, even though I’m currently on day three of four off.

So here’s what’s been going on: my friend Matt and I kinda fell into having a Friday Night Supper Club thing.  The first week he came over, I just grilled out: chicken breasts, beer brats, asparagus, onions, green peppers.  Nothing special.  The following week, it was Matt’s turn.  He made his own special burgers (I can’t reveal the entire recipe without his prior blessing, but there’s a layer of cream cheese between two patties of seasoned beef), while I made sweet potato fries with melted blue cheese.  The burgers were huge and thick and juicy, but I was amazed at how the blue cheese (some cheap Danish stuff I picked up at Walmart) really worked with the sweet potato fries.  Sweet, tangy, slightly salty, delicious.  Matt was the one who also conceived the fries.  The meal went very well with Landshark Lager.

Last week, it was Matt’s choosing again for the entrée, but I made dessert.  We made taco salad, but the twist was using Nacho Cheese and/or Spicy Cheese Doritos in the salad.  I built mine like this, from bottom to top: shredded lettuce, a light layer of Spicy Cheese Doritos, nacho cheese, taco meat (also seasoned with Tobasco for that vinegary heat), more nacho cheese, a dollop of sour cream, lots of cut-on-the-bias green onion.  I also provided split grape tomatoes for the tomato eaters at the table.  For dessert, I sliced some strawberries and had been letting them macerate with sugar for a few hours.  Then I made fresh-whipped cream (something I’d learned how to make from my wonderful and talented friend Joe B.), topped the strawberries with the cream and drizzled the juice from the berries on top.  Fresh, light, easy and delicious.

This Friday is my choosing.  A dish I’ve been wanting to make for a while now and am excited about it.  It’s very seasonal, using lemons and asparagus, yet promises to be comforting.  The Friday after that, if Matt & I are able to continue on this culinary journey together, is Matt’s choice.  And it will be something I said I saw on Man vs. Food, something so fattening and bad for you that it scares me a bit.  It will involve bacon, beef AND a Krispy Kreme Original Glazed donut.  I intend on complementing this creation with something very light and healthy.   Every time I think about this upcoming dish, I can feel my heart beat faster from fear and impending cholesterol.

In other news, somewhat cooking related: I am going to New Orleans!!!!!  I went to church for the first time in a while on Easter Sunday and saw where my church is hosting a missionary trip to New Orleans to help build/re-build houses still affected by Hurricane Katrina, and they needed a cook!  I got the time off of work, and will be going to New Orleans for a week in July to cook for my team from church.  So far the people interested in going are awesome and I’m completely stoked: Matt, my mom, and my friends Adrian & Roy.  This trip was getting good until I realized the best part: John. 

And here’s the other part of my news, y’all.  I met a man.  John and I met online a year and a half ago but never really met until we bumped into each other at Sticks Kebob Shop one night in February 2009.  The first time either one of us had ever been to Sticks, and he was in line in front of me.  I was about to be engaged at the time, and I knew it was coming, so I didn’t say hello to John.  That and Adrian was with me.  But I knew who he was and I was instantly attracted to him.  He told me later he was thinking of opening lines to say to me that night but he didn’t either.  We were too shy.  I got engaged to the craziest man alive, outside of Manson.  Then John moved to Syracuse, NY the same day I ended it with the whackaloon.  John spent some months in Syracuse but that didn’t work out, so he decided to move to Tallahassee to be closer to his family.  I figured he was driving through Richmond on the way down, so I sent him a message on Facebook inviting him to get together when he came through.  Turns out, he wasn’t planning on taking 95 down, he was going to take 85.  But another friend of his insisted on John stopping for a visit and we finally, “officially” met.  🙂

We met up at his hotel and then went to Capital Ale, where he noshed on perogies and we talked over beer.  We had an instant connection and I felt at home with him.  We had a lovely evening and then he left for Florida.  We’ve kept in touch ever since, and he’s planning on meeting up with me in Nawlins for our team’s one sight-seeing day.  I’m hoping I can step away from the group and show John around Nawlins.  If our visit goes well (and I am sure it will), I’m hoping to come down to Florida sometime this fall (hopefully I’ll have enough time and will get the time off to come the weekend of the Florida/Florida State game, being played in Tallahassee).  We’ll see where we wind up, but we’re both hoping and praying for the best.

So here’s to life, love, good times and good food.  No worries, y’all, I’ll be back with my latest dish not too long after I’ve made it.  Until then…

Bon appetit, y’all!


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